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Dr narahari achar is currently physics professor at the university of memphis he pioneered the use of planetarium software in exploring the sky described in vedic texts and has. As its starting date, its connections with the mahabharata war do not appear to be equally ancient there are also other traditions related to the war some of them are old, some new the most prominent competing theories may be gathered into the following four classes: 1 the date of around 1000 bc this is the date popularized by western.

13 mapping movement of sun for mahabharat war dating 14 indian astrology ज्योतिष शास्त्र and dating of mahabharat 15 the exact date of mahabharat war, 16th october 5561 year bc. The dating of the mahabharat and the ramayan is a puzzle that refuses to yield a simple answer conferences after conferences have been held in india and abroad for historians to arrive at a consensus, which has remained elusive so far. Date of the mahabharata war based on astronomy number of authors promoting it 20 18 16 14 12 number of 10 authors 8 6 4 2 0 5000 3000 2000 1000 date of the war bc. The kurukshetra war, also called the mahabharata war, is a war described in the indian epic mahabharata the conflict arose from a dynastic succession struggle between two groups of cousins.

Commentary mahabharata war date: rebuttal to claim of 5561 bce a final rejoinder to make the case for the date of the mahabharata war by bn narahari achar. You have been making reference to this in a few of your posts i did not pay attn until now this is outrageously fascinating this might be a related fact the olmecs civ which was the precurser to the major civs in s america, were purported to be of african origin lemme research what i can(google. The scientific dating of the mahabharata war kali yuga would start there are eleven naksatras from magha to purvasadha hence it is seen that sukacharya tells pariksit. Mahabharata date based on archaeology by jk on may 5, 2013 in history: before 1 ce ganesha writing mahabharata (rajasthan, 17th century) (via wikipedia) the dating of mahabharata is a contentious topic there are some who believe such exercises in general are waste of time and one should focus on the message of the epic there are.

The dates of mahabharat and sangam literature the dating of mahabharat has been controversial for a long time here, the important point is the dating of mahabharat war is different from the dating of the composition of the work another controversy is about its status of attaining 1,00,000 verses in three stages winternitze 7 asserts that the supposition that the mahabharata. Dating of mahabharata war is that simple, but unnecessarily complicated by ignorant people who blindly believe it to have occurred in 3000/5000 bce based on the archaeological evidence of prof bb lal and the phenomenon of double eclipse pair stated in the mahabharata, we are able to clearly locate the mahabharata war to 827. Incidently, the dating of the mahabharat war has been a matter of challenge and controversy for a century or two european scholars have maintained that the events described in the ancient sanskrut texts are imaginary and subsequently, the mahabharat derived to be a fictitiou tale of a war fought between two rivalries.

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  • Aiyer had published a previous paper in the same journal fixing the date of the beginning of the kaliyuga from four different sources: vedanga jyotisha - 1173 bc gargacharya - a few years prior to 1165 bc classical historians - 851 years before alexander’s stay in india, viz 1177-76 bc which is confirmed by.
  • The great war of mahabharat between the pandavas and the kauravas happened in 3139 bc the pandavas, after winning the mahabharat war, ruled hastinapur for 36 years and 8 months until the beginning of kaliyug in 3102 bc since the mahabharat war and the beginning of kaliyug were important historical events, they have been widely.

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Mahabharat war dating
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